What am I going to do with this blog?

My attempt at being a hockey blogger has been kind of discouraging so far.

Game previews and in-game live blogging are all well and good, but since I can’t post from work, my previews usually didn’t get posted until just a little while before game time. By then all the news sites and the larger blogs have posted everything you could hope to know about a game before it starts. And the live blogs– the wireless connection on my netbook is kind of unreliable, to say the least. It makes it kind of hard to update the blog with a penalty or goal when I’m swearing incoherently in various languages (some of which may not even be real) as I try to coax the bloody thing to reconnect. Quite honestly, the attempt to do two pieces per game was wearing me out. That’s why I disappeared for awhile– it was plain old writing burnout.

So what can I do? I’m never going to be able to keep up with the legitimate news sites and the large blogs. It’s their actual paid job to bring you up to the minute Red Wings news, and I can’t really post from work on a reliable basis.

What I’m going to be trying, for now, is to just offer opinions and analysis. Trying to keep up with the big dogs is too much for me to handle just now. I’m backing off and regrouping, and I’ll be trying to write more frequent opinion pieces as we go into the playoffs.

It’s a crazy internet out there, but I’ll try to keep this corner of it nice and tidy.


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