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Game Preview: Jets at Red Wings, 7:00 PM

Never fear, Pavel is here! Pavel Datsyuk will be returning to the lineup after sitting out the third period against Phoenix the other night for precautionary rest against some lower body soreness.

With Pavel set and ready to go, no lineup changes are planned for Detroit. Goaltending duties will be in Jimmy Howard’s capable catching glove.

This will be Detroit’s one and only meeting this season with the Winnipeg Jets, the moved and rebadged Atlanta Thrashers. The Jets played at home last night, defeating Carolina 4-2. Fatigue could be an issue as they wouldn’t have gotten to their Detroit hotel until very late. “We don’t often get the chance to play a team that didn’t get to bed til 4 AM,” said Mike Babcock. “Have to take advantage.”

Goalie Ondrej Pavelec will most likely be in net for Winnipeg, as Chris Mason started last night.

Detroit lost its last two meetings with the Thrashers/Jets club, a 5-1 embarrassment at Atlanta last season and a 2-0 loss at home the year before. Take note of what you see from the Jets tonight; starting next season the Wings and Jets will be in the same conference and will play each other either 5 or 6 times, depending on how the schedule shakes out.

I won’t be providing you with a game recap after tonight’s game because I’m gonna be there in person, shakin’ my red and white jersey like a crazy girl. Boo yah! And it’s kind of a long drive from Detroit back to Toledo, and I’m usually pretty much ready to collapse when I get home! But the wonderful reporters at the Freep, the Detroit News, and MLive will take good care of you if you need a recap later.